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great gift ideas for the hard-to-buy-for hipster guy on your list November 29, 2008

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okay, so you need great hip gifts that your cool loved ones will adore, and you need to be able to get them all with a simple trip to the mall, right?
well, here’s some ideas for the guys.our first stop at the mall yesterday was Urban Outfitters. this brown cordoroy jacket dylan is modeling in the first shot was originally $75, but was marked down to $30. dylan loved it. it ended up in the cart.
next was a stylish scarf we tried on dylan. it was $24, which is a nice price for a gift for that hipster who knows that black and white is a no-lose combination.
and if you want your hipster sweetie to smile when he (or even she) opens that box, you can’t miss with slim jeans. these were marked down to $9.99 at Urban Outfitters. three pairs wound up in our cart.
this next shot is a gorgeous double-breasted jacket with a hood. dylan loved it, but since it was $148, it stayed in the store. :( maybe we’ll catch it when it goes on sale.
black fingerless gloves? very stylish. they went great with the cordoroy jacket, and for $12, they were a no-brainer. if you need a gift that’s kinda practical, yet kinda fun, these gloves would make a good choice.
next we have the kangol hat display. my hubby loves these hats, mainly because they stay put and don’t migrate up, leaving a little bubble at the top of your head. every year we get him a few more colors. this year we went with tan and gray. ($24 each.)
the hat in the next photo was $28. so ska! remember the specials, madness, and all those other great bands? this hat just makes me wanna dance. buy it for the rude boy in your life. and the argyle sweater was a find from yesterday, as well, but not from Urban Outfitters. we found it at H&M. at 39.99 it wasn’t exactly a bargain, but dylan and i agreed to share it, so really, it was only $20 each. :)
the next shirt is an awesome marvel T we found featuring the silver surfer. at $19.90, it would be a terrific find for your marvel comic fan. (just don’t make the mistake of assuming all comics lovers go for marvel. if you have a dyed-in-the-wool DC lover, go for superman instead.)
the next shot is a red graphic T under a double breasted blue cardigan. double breasted is definitely hot among the hip right now. and what hipster doesn’t love the nostalgic look of a cardigan? (graphic T $12.90, cardigan $29.90)
lastly, the scarves in the bottom left corner. nice, right? they’d certainly make good gifts, but i bought that gray and black scarf for dylan at Urban Outfitters last holiday season. so be warned. the hipster on your list may already have that scarf in his wardrobe.Ā 

so happy hunting, shoppers! there’s plenty of choices for that chic-ster you need to buy for - lots of argyle (but lean toward funky styles, like the slim v-neck above, rather than blander preppy shapes) black and white, skinny pants, and vintage-inspired jackets and accessories. keep your eyes out for bargains, and let me know what you find. tomorrow look for a list of gift ideas for that girlie hipster you are hoping to please this season.

a demain,

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BearInk Says:

You might also like the company Bear Ink… Its a really cool new clothing company. If you don’t like any of stuff you see they do custom items too that could be perfect because he will be the only one with that shirt.. No two things are alike!

admin Says:

well i for one know a hipster guy (dylan, are you reading this?) who loves anything that’s one-of-a-kind.

nice website. :)


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