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hip music - “crystal” connects The Killers to New Order June 3, 2009

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the “cover band” that inspired The Killers…

well, if you read this blog you know i have a thing about a well done cover song. yesterday i posted about “shadowplay,” the Joy Division song that is artfully covered by The Killers. Another great song covered by The Killers is “romeo and juliet” by Dire Straits. maybe i’ll post about that song in the future. but did you know that The Killers took their band name from a New Order cover band?

okay, maybe i’m twisting the truth a bit, so here’s the whole story. when New Order put out a video for the song “crystal,” they chose to show the song being played “live” by another band - the entire video is basically an ornate “lip-sync” dramatized by a fake band. and who is this band? well, if you look closely at the bass drum, you’ll see their name - The Killers (pause the video at 1:21 to get a nice look at it.) so there you have it - a fake band inspires a very real band. And if the “crystal” video looks familiar to you, maybe it’s because The Killers video for “somebody told me” is a nice homage to their inspiration.

below, both videos. enjoy!

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